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PrJSC "Tsuman"

Address: 45233, Ukraine, Volyn region,
Kivertsi district ,
7 Grushevskogo str.
(03365) 9-41-33 (03365) 9-44-19 +38(067)332-40-65
З питань реалізації:
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General Meeting of Shareholders

Agenda of the meeting

  1. Election the members of counting comission, the Chairman and the Secretary of the shareholders? meeting, approval of the Shareholders?meeting regulations.
  2. Report of the President of PJSC “Tsuman” for 2013 and making a decision upon the consideration of the report.
  3. Report of the supervisory board of PJSC “Tsuman” for 2013 and making a decision upon the considertion of the report.
  4. Report of the audit comission about the results of financial and economic activity of PJSC “Tsuman” for 2013 and making a decision upon the considertion of the report.
  5. Approval of the annual report of PJSC “Tsuman” for 2013.
  6. Share out (losses) of the company for 2013.
  7. Approval of annual dividends for 2013.
  8. Creating a reserve fund.
  9. Election of the president.
  10. Elections of members of the supervisory board.
  11. Election of members of the audit comission.
  12. Adoption of the provisions of the General Meeting, supervisory board and audit comission.


Key indicators of financial and economic activity of PJSC “Tsuman”. 

Name of Indicator

Reporting period


Previous period 2012


Net income (loss) from sales (goods, services) thousand UAN

38 459


36 179

Cost of sales (goods, services) thousand UAN

30 791

29 306

Net income (loss) thousand UAN

1 603

1 520

Fixed assets (thousand UAN)

12 066

14 647

Current assets (thousand UAN)

13 438

10 267

Long-term liabilities (thousand UAN)

1 863

5 984

Current liabilities (thousand UAN)

11 182

8 205

Average number of ordinary shares (pc)

3 188 400

3 188 400

Registration of the shareholders and their representatives for taking part in the Shareholders?meeting will be held at the venue starting from 9 a.m. till 9.45 a.m. 25.04.2014.

For the registration the shareholder needs passport  - for individuals; documents confirming appointments (protocol, solution, contract) and passport – for the head of the executive body of the shareholder – entity, and the representative of the shareholder needs passport and attorney who certifies the credentials of the representative individual shareholder, executed in accordance with applicable law.

Date of the list shareholders entitled to participate in the general meeting of the shareholders 24 hours 21.04.2014. Proposals in the agenda be accepted in writing executed in accordance with applicable law at Volyn region, Kivertsi district, 7, Hrushevsky str., Tsuman, PJSC “Tsuman”.

            The materials on the agenda can be found at the location of PJSC “Tsuman” on weekdays from 8 a.m. till 17 a.m. at the reception. The person responsible for becoming familiar with the documents of shareholders and making proposals on the agenda of the meeting  is secretary of PJSC “Tsuman” Migna Ljudmyla Stepanivna , (03365) 94419.


Person named below confirms authenticity of the information contained in the message and acknowledges that it is responsible under the law.


President PJSC “Tsuman”                                                    Kaminsky I.V.

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