Sliced Veneer
PrJSC "Tsuman"

Address: 45233, Ukraine, Volyn region,
Kivertsi district ,
7 Grushevskogo str.
(03365) 9-41-33 (03365) 9-44-19 +38(067)332-40-65
З питань реалізації:
+380680861145 +380501003974
Our Team
Our team

Today a team of PJSC "Tsuman" is the joined command of professionals, where the devotion to common cause is combined with the individual aspiring to self-realization and with the source of dynamic development of all of enterprise.  We are sure that success of each is the mortgage of success of enterprise on the whole. Therefore guidance always aims to provide every employer of enterprise with the optimum terms of labour and possibility for professional growth.

Already more than 270 employers are working in a production.

President of the company is Mr. I. Kaminskyy.